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  • Organize your Priorities

  • Delegate your to-do list tasks to other

  • Instantly create intuitive and powerful tasks list to easily gauge progress

  • JetList is a simple and easy tool that will help you track anything you need. Whether it’s work-related, or personal.

  • JetList is your perfect partner. It helps you organize your priorities, delegate tasks to other team members, and monitor progress of team members.

  • JetList is a no-nonsense list making service built to help you track everything that is important in your life, be it work or life related, with features that cater to both individual & team productivity.

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Using a JetList Is Simple

With JetList, you and your team will stay organized and remain efficient. You can collaborate, delegate tasks, assign due dates, and monitor progress with the unique collaboration features of JetList.

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Create Task

Enter your task details select a due date and enter assignee mail ID.

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Delegate Task

After entering all task details, just enter the email id of assignee and assign them


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